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Alternative healing seamlessly blends with other healing modalities: Massage Therapy, Nursing, Acupuncture, Reiki, Qi Gong, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Healing Touch, and other Energy Healing techniques


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Healing Stories

Pam from St Thomas shares what she learned at the July 2012 workshop:

I left the workshop feeling very confident in my abilities as a Quantum Touch practitioner and I have already put the energy to good work in helping my Mom. She is 87 yrs old and had hurt her leg while I was away. I sent QT to her from the workshop - she had been in great pain and that really helped her and after I returned home, I went to her house and did QT in person. She said she could feel it healing her and when we were through, she had no pain and felt very steady on her legs. She is really happy with this and thinks this is excellent work. I am very pleased that I could help her so quickly and easily.

Another little story I can share. When I got home from the course, I did a little QT on my husband as he has some sinus issues. The next day he shot 78 in his golf game and was very happy. He said he believes the QT helped him with this. He is a very good golfer but this is a rare score for him

Taylore from Ontario:

In 2009 as a result of a very bad accident I ended up in a wheelchair. During my hospital stay a very bad bacteria strain invaded my body.

When I met Trudy and Everett I had been on massive amounts of pharmaceutical concoctions and in December I was told by my Specialist that they were now going to have to give me the last drug available for my condition. The drug cost over $1000.00 per month. That drug was not covered by any health plan. I was now suffering terrible stomach complications and my hair was rapidly falling out. I was so ill it was very challenging to even leave the house. After one session with Trudy, Everett, Alfred and Petra my symptoms disappeared! Yes, there are miracles being facilitated through these folks.

Today I am fully engaged in life, walking normally, no need for any pharmaceutical soups and my hairdresser is completely blown away by the new thickness of my hair.

Upon completing the Quantum Touch Workshop in Vernon B.C., Alice writes:

I feel I and my life have positively changed, my future brightened. It's awesome! I am so grateful. Thank you.

Several months after completing our QT workshop in New Delhi India, Ashok writes:

I would like to share something with you......

Last week when I reached home from my office, my wife Usha was suffering from shoulder and back pain. The pain was acute and she had not cooked dinner. I immediately changed my clothes and asked her to sit in a chair. I installed my hands on her shoulders and used QT techniques along with extended (imaginary) visual hands on other parts of her body and spine. Within 15 minutes the pain vanished and she was normal and continued her routine household work and cooked dinner. This was a wonderful experience and inner satisfaction to me.

Axiatonal Alignment Therapy
is an energy modality which uses the patterns of the Tree of Life, the Star Tetrahedron, & the meridian lines of the body to release emotional blocks and allow the free flow of energy.This gives one the freedom to experience the unconditional love that is inherent in the Universal Life Force Energy that surrounds us and of which we are all a part.

Axiatonal Alignment is a relatively short table treatment (15-30 minutes) wherein the practitioner lightly touches specific points on the client's body. These points trace out patterns of sacred geometry.

no need for pharmaceutical soups....
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